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Welcome to Coomungie
Chelsea Gardens

The Project

Welcome to Coomungie and Chelsea Gardens.

A thoughtfully designed masterplanned community from Aoyuan International, reflecting the core vision of building healthy lifestyles, where residents grow and thrive.

With up to 1200 lots from 450 to 2,000 square metres, the new community will complement the surrounding Highlands tranquillity with lush landscaped surroundings, water features, and shared walking and cycling trails.

Inspired by preserving and enhancing the unique character and charm of the Southern Highlands, the team will ensure new housing and a community heart reflect the traditional aesthetics of the area.

About Aoyuan International

Aoyuan International is committed to building healthy lifestyles in livable communities.

With a growing reputation in Australia for residential property development, we pride ourselves on exceptional project management for on-time delivery and sustainability without compromising on quality.

Debuting in Australia in 2015 with One30 Hyde Park, our growing portfolio of projects is brought to life by an experienced local team. With several premium apartment developments in Sydney’s north shore, inner west and eastern suburbs moving ahead, and the Coomungie Chelsea Gardens project set to position Moss Vale as the preeminent Southern Highlands destination, Aoyuan is focused on growing vibrant districts.

Our commitment to healthy lifestyles inspires us to create communities with parks and open spaces, sporting facilities and hubs to build true neighbourhoods where families thrive. At the heart of what we do is a vision for the people who will live, work and play in the spaces we create.

A subsidiary of China Aoyuan Group, Aoyuan International invests, develops and operates properties across Australia, Canada and Hong Kong.

Altessa 888 Gordon
Esplanade Norwest
Maison 188 Maroubra
Mirabell Turramurra
One30 Hyde Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Aoyuan International taking on the Coomungie Chelsea Gardens project?

The Southern Highlands is perfectly placed to showcase our core philosophy of building a healthy lifestyle and expanding our business into land, and house and land, projects.

What’s the history behind the project approval?

The land was earmarked as an urban release area in the 2010 Wingecarribee Shire Council Local Environment Plan, and has been rezoned for low density residential use. The development application is likely to be lodged in late 2018/early 2019.

Do we need more housing in Moss Vale?

Yes. The Wingecarribee Shire Council Demographic and Housing Study demonstrated a need for more housing in the district to accommodate population growth in the Southern Highlands.

Will the new houses fit in with the Moss Vale look and feel?

Yes. As part of the masterplan, the team will work to ensure the new houses are of a high quality and reflect the charm and character of the area and integrate into the local aesthetic.

Will you ask the community for feedback?

Yes. We are already working with the local Council and community to consult on the project, leading up to the lodgement of the development application. Once lodged, we will continue with an extensive community consultation process for the overall masterplan.

How many houses will be part of Coomungie Chelsea Gardens?

The final amount will be decided as the development application and community consultation progress. Through staged delivery over an estimated eight to ten years, we expect to offer approximately 1,100-1,200 lots from 450 sqm to 2,000 sqm.

The rezoning of the land allows for 1500 lots. Why are you proposing less?

We are committed to building and nurturing healthy communities where families thrive. Our draft masterplan for the community includes less lots to enable a range of larger lots and include wide, tree-lined streets and space for a community heart. Lush landscaping, green spaces, walking and cycling tracks have also been included instead of adding more houses to the community.

Will it be people new to the area buying in to the Coomungie Chelsea Gardens project?

It’s likely a range of people will buy within the project over time. This may include locals looking for a new home, people returning to the Southern Highlands after time away, and people moving from Sydney and other parts of NSW to be part of a community with trademark character and charm.

Is traffic management part of your planning?

Yes. We have commissioned extensive microsimulation traffic modelling over a wide area of Moss Vale, not just the site itself. As results become available, we will include them as part of our community consultation process.

Is water management part of your planning?

Yes. We are undertaking water cycle and flood modelling to inform the masterplan and the development application.

Is flora and fauna management part of your planning?

Yes. Flora and fauna studies have identified minimal ecological value other than two existing trees. These trees will be retained as work progresses, as will many mature and healthy trees on site. Through revegetation, we are committed to improving the ecological value of the land.

Is sustainability part of your planning?

Yes. We are working with an internationally renowned sustainability consultancy to develop initiatives to ensure that this project delivers a sustainable community. Above and beyond the minimum standards.

Will all of the profits from the project be sent offshore?

Aoyuan International has a growing presence in the Australian property market, and will retain any profits from the project within the Australian branch of the business.

Can local businesses get involved in the project?

Yes. Wherever possible, we are using local businesses to work on the project. Please contact the project team if you would like to be involved.

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